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Girl Oil Paint Gallery

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Oil painting description:

This oil painting is called Girl Oil Paint Gallery. You know we are changed when we are growing. Our looks is different in different at different time. Especially, we want have a good memory for our young. Because we are best handsome or beautiful at our whole time. How to record our looks when there is not camera? You know there is not light in ancient. Even don’t have camera. So the people find to draw portrait by different color oil. They not only like real man, but also can store for long time. The rich man would like to ask painter to draw for them. And the gentleman also should pay more money for it. For poor man, they only do it at their special or important days. After all, it is so expensive. So we always find gentleman on the oil painting for ancient oil painting. Not others, for example, farmer or worker. Most of gentleman is very famous in the world. They are very worth to store them. The value will be rise as the time. Of course, there are also a lot of people who want record their looks by oil now. Please don’t forget the traditional drawing way.


Decoration place:

The best decoration place is home.


Favorite people:

The people who want record their looks by oil.

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